High School Kick-off Details!

When: October 19 & 20 2019
Where: EF Chicago 122 S. Michigan Ave Suite 1650 Chicago, IL 60603
Cost: FREE
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM each day
Make sure to bring your signed Guardian Consent Form

Pick your Top 3 workshop (See below) and spend two days learning about one of them!

Register Today or click here, http://chicago.chicktech.org/register/

Kick-Off Workshop Selections for 2020 will be coming soon!!

SOFT CIRCUITS – Make a light-up bracelet and handbag

ChickTech’s Soft Circuits Kit is a fun combination of electronics, software, and art!  Using the materials in the kit, you’ll learn the basics of electronic circuits and coding with Arduino. You’ll create a LED bracelet and a unique and interactive totebag – no prior experience necessary!


LaunchPad Lab: Launch It – Build and Deploy a Fully Functioning Web App with Ruby on Rails

Learn how to build a fully functioning web application using the Ruby on Rails framework. This framework was used to build popular applications such as SoundCloud, AirBnb, Hulu, and more.

Documenting the Microscopic World Through Film

Using digital microscopes with built in LCD screen, student researchers will explore the microscopic world, document it through film, and design their own movie that showcases their journey. Researchers will set up and observe the melting of ice, the formation of carbon dioxide from a chemical reaction, hunting for microbes from soil, viewing skin and split ends in hair, and a variety of other cool natural phenomena. These will all be recorded by researchers directly on the microscope. Researchers piece together these clips using iMovie, and design their own creative presentation.

Cómo mantener segura su información personal

Alguna vez te has preguntado cómo los acosadores de Internet recopilan información sobre la gente? En este taller, exploraremos herramientas gratuitas y francamente espeluznantes de recopilación de información que se pueden utilizer para aprovecharse de empresas y personas. Al compreder cómo funcionan estas herramientas, podemos tomar precauciones para mejorar nuestra privacidad y huella en línea . Este taller se dividirà en dos partes: Una encuesta ràpida de varias herramientas de recopilación seguida de un reconocimiento pràctico con Recon-ng, un avanzado marco de recopilación de información que se ejecuta en Kali Linux.

Build Data Pipeline with AWS

Would you like to know what it’s like to be a software engineer? In this workshop, we will build a data pipeline with AWS(Amazon Web Service). Each student will learn how to setup an AWS account, architect the pipeline, pick the data to present and build visualization for the data. Join us to learn what it’s like to be a software builder.

Build a Bot

What is a Bot?

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, a Bot is a computer program that performs automatic repetitive tasks.

In this workshop, you will learn about the different types of bots, how they are used or misused in the real world and how to create one of your own.

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