ACT-W Speaker FAQ

Speaking at ACT-W Conference in Chicago? Check out the FAQs below. Contact us with any additional questions.

How do I become a speaker?

If you are an experienced speaker, technology professional, or someone with an inspirational story and idea to share, we want to hear from you. Please submit your application for speak and/or lead a workshop here:

When will I be notified that I have been selected?

We know that your time is important, so once all the submissions are entered and the applications are closed, we will take a week to determine the final schedule and notify all selected speakers.

Do I need to be available all day at the ACT-W Conference?

To participate as a speaker or workshop leader, we do prefer that you are available throughout the entire day. With that said, if you do have time constraints or want to specify the desired length and time of your presentation, please place that in the “Additional Info” portion of your application. View the conference schedule here:

What kind of presentations are you looking for?

We receive hundreds of applications to be involved with the ACT-W Conference and the topics and workshops vary greatly. With that said, they typically revolve around diversity, education, career advancement, growth, skills, and more.

Here are the various formats you can submit:

Keynote Speaker

  • Kickoff the event after breakfast/networking and set the tone for the entire conference day
  • Typically, 30 minutes

5-Minute Lightning Talk

  • Great opportunity to share inspirational stories, humorous interpretations, quick action items, and topics regarding career advancement, industry trends, and diversity in the workplace
  • Perfect for speakers that have a message to share that is compelling and able to be clearly communicated and understood quickly

Breakout Session

  • Sessions can last 30 – 90 minutes long
  • Presentations can have many different topics and should come from a place of education, community, actions/tools, and connection
  • Feedback from attendees has been that the best sessions offer tools and action items that attendees can integrate into their careers and/or daily life

Technical Workshop

  • Workshops can last for 30 – 120 minutes long
  • Workshop leader must be able to provide all necessary items to complete the workshop
  • AV capabilities may be required, and workshop leader must articulate needs and requirements of the venue and ChickTech


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